DOT Compliance Group LLC provides essential services to the trucking industry, enabling businesses to remain compliant with USDOT regulations. We pride ourselves on being a compliance-needs based company, offering an extensive range of services such as registering for Clearinghouse, HazMat, SCAC, Compliance Trainings, Drug and Alcohol Testing (C/TPA) and more. We are committed to ensuring that your business meets applicable regulatory requirements while providing an efficient and cost-effective way of doing so. Whether you are an owner operator or manage a fleet of trucks, DOT Compliance Group offers comprehensive and needs-based compliance solutions. We Keep Your Business On The Road!


At DOT Compliance Group LLC, we have assembled a team of USDOT compliance and technology specialists to provide essential services to the trucking industry. We are dedicated to ensuring your business remains compliant with applicable USDOT regulations.

Our mission is simple – We Keep Your Business On The Road. With our needs-based compliance services, we offer streamlined and cost-effective solutions.

Streamline your compliance process by entrusting your trucking compliance requirements to our team of dedicated specialists. Focus on your business, while we take care of the red tape.